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How to have a Zoom Ready, Fresh Face Makeup Look

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

These days I have to admit, it is pretty hard to get motivated about my makeup routine. My comfty sweats have become my work attire and I have realized I am pretty comfortable in the skin I am in (who knew?) However, it is still important to at least appear that I actually care about my appearance. But like I said before, I AM NOT MOTIVATED!! Before Covid-19, I would spend 30 minutes applying a full face of makeup. While I'm not saying those days are gone for good, I don't see myself returning to that routine in the immediate future, lol. Therefore, with a few adjustments I feel as though I have mastered the 10 minute easy makeup look. Keep reading for my simple tips!

1. Simplify your routine.

There really is no need to go full glam unless that is what truly floats your boat. I like to even my complexion (concealer or foundation), lift my face (brows and mascara), and add a little color (bronzer or blush + maybe a lip color). THAT'S IT!! No falsies or baking required, thank goodness!!

2. Use multi-purpose makeup.

So finding products that will have many uses will be essential in shortening your application time. Here are some of my heroes before my zoom calls.


I love to use my concealer in my skin tone shade under my eyes and to cover any blemishes on my face. Since no one is seeing my face up close, it has been nice using less foundation.

Bonus Tip: Take your zoom calls in front of a natural light source for a nice dewy bright appearance! (My fav concealer: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Flawless Concealer in "5N", $29).

Lipstick or Cream Blush

I love to use either my lipstick as my blush color or a cream blush as a lipstick color. I mean seriously, who needs two separate products for this task just to stay home?! The bonus to using creams....NO NEED TO DIRTY A BRUSH, YAY!! I use my fingers to apply the cream to my cheeks and lips. (My fav cream blush: Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in "Love", $20).


Finally, I love to use my bronzer as an eyeshadow and to warm my complexion. My current bronzer is a duo that also has a shimmer shade. I also use this to add a little glow to my cheeks if I am feeling extra ambitious that day, lol. (Current fav: Morphe Brontour in Showmance", $12).

3. Have an amazing skincare routine appropriate for your skin.

The better your skin, the less makeup you will need to wear. Having a skincare routine is absolutely essential to having a beautiful dewy complexion. New to skincare? No worries. Just start with the basics. You should have a cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF. Those are the bare minimal. (We can talk toners, essences, serums, exfoliants, and oils on a later date). This routine should be followed morning and evening. Your face needs to be cleansed EVERY SINGLE DAY. I repeat, your face needs to be cleansed EVERY SINGLE DAY. I consider it a sin to go to bed without removing my makeup first. This can contribute to clogged pores, breakouts, and excess oil production. Your products should be appropriate for your skin type and/or skin condition(s).

These are some of the tips I use to have a zoom ready face. Wanna see a tutorial? Head over to my Instagram page @thelilbigsis. I would love to connect with you and keep the conversation going. Be sure to complete a profile on this page and head over to the Join Us page to connect and become a part of the sisterhood. Let me know if you have found this helpful or if you have any questions. Remember you are beautiful and STAY GROWING & GLOWING!!

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