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"Makeup is not a tool meant
to make an ugly thing beautiful.
It is only meant to magnify
that already exists"

Hello! My name is erika chantelle also known as the lil big sis. I started my journey as a freelance makeup artist in 2005. I have been a business manager & artist for international cosmetic companies Shiseido, Borghese, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. In 2020 I took a leap of faith and launched the lil big sis because it has always been my passion to help women look and feel their absolute best. It is my mission to redefine the traditional ideas of beauty. Beauty is not limited to skin color, age, or size. Beauty is what we choose. Why look like everyone else when we were created to be unique? Our differences are to be celebrated and highlighted, never judged. I will never tell you what your idea of beauty should look like. Instead, I want to give you the tools to empower you to create your own vision of beauty.

Why the lil big sis? It has been my greatest joy to be the older sister to my best friend. She happens to be 5 inches taller than me. No subject is off limits and we are always honest with one another. We always push and encourage one another to be our absolute best. When I am with her I feel my most beautiful and confident. It is my goal that everyone that sits in my chair or visits this site will feel the same. 

Welcome to the sisterhood and if no one has told you today, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! 

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